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“She took four days worth of medicine in two days and we had to take her to the emergency room.  So after that, I was coming over three times a day to give her her pills, which kind of ties up your whole day- you can't go anywhere. And it was just was so hard, it wasn't working out, and I couldn't really go anywhere because I had to get back to give her her medicine or remember where I hid the medicine.

For me, it’s given me a whole new life.  I can get up in the morning and spend the day shopping.  And then if she doesn't take her pill I get a phone call and I just call her and say “Mom, you forgot to take your pill." That’s taken such a load off my mind.  I worried she’d take too many pills, not enough pills, and there's so many that look alike and she gets confused.  So this way I know everything is working good, she's taking all her pills, and on time.”

-Family Caregiver, NY


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